An Overview of the Wiccan Religion

An Overview of the Wiccan Religion

The Wiccan Religion is a contemporary pagan new religious movement. It’s roots date back to the first half of the 20th Century.

It is also known as Pagan Witchcraft and draws upon a diverse set of ancient pagan and 20th century hermetic motifs for its theological structure and ritual practice. It has a number of traditions, each with its own organizational structure.

Wiccan religion is duo theistic, which means it worships a God and a Goddess. These are viewed as the Moon Goddess and the Horned God. These deities have many different divine aspects that can be identified with many diverse pagan deities from different historical pantheons.

Beliefs of the Wiccan Religion

  • The Wiccan religion has several beliefs. The theological views within the religion are diverse and the religion encompasses theists, atheists, and agnostics.
  • The belief in Afterlife also varies amongst the Wiccans. Although not accepted by all, a belief in reincarnation is the dominant afterlife belief within Wicca.
  • Magic is another dominant belief amongst majority of the Wiccans. Magic is believed as a manipulative force exercised through the practice of witchcraft or sorcery. For some Wiccans, magic is a law of nature as yet misunderstood by contemporary science.
  • No Dogmatic moral or ethical code exists or is followed by Wiccans. However, a majority follow a code known as the Wiccan Rede that can be interpreted as a declaration of the freedom to act, along with taking responsibility for what follows from one’s actions; minimizing harm to self and others.
  • Many Wiccan traditions believe in the five classical elements. Spirit, fire, air, earth, and water.


The Wiccan Religion is primarily based on harmony with nature and all aspects of God, Goddess and nature worship. The Wiccan practices involve the manipulation of nature through various rituals in an attempt to gain power, prestige, love or whatever else a Wiccan desires. Wicca does not claim to be the only way but accepts all spiritual traditions and paths.

The practice of spells does not intend harm to others but does not base on absolute truths. Some people believe Wicca to be a form of Satanism, despite significant differences between the two. The actual number of Wiccan Religion followers is unknown, but it’s safe to say that the number is rising every day.

Wicca is a very peaceful, harmonious and balanced way of life which promotes oneness with the divine and all which exists.

For more information check out Wicca for Beginners: A Guide to Wiccan Beliefs, Rituals, Magic, and Witchcraft

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