Toenail Ridges Explained

Toenail Ridges Explained

     Toenail ridges can be nothing to worry about. They can also be a sign of an infection or illness in the body. The vertical lines are usually part of the natural aging process. There is rarely, if at all, any disease that causes this. The nail grows at varying rates depending on age, nutrition, sex, and which nail it is.

     The nails can be an indicator of disease, or just bad hygiene. Paying attention and caring for your nails is important.

Beau’s Lines

These are the lines that run side to side, and should never be confused with the vertical lines.

 Nails grow for the cells splitting, Beau’s lines are considered to be the temporary halt of this process.

  • Coronary Occlusion.
  • Skin Disease.
  • Infection.
  • Hypocalcaemia.
  • Illness.
  • Chemotherapy Drugs.
  • Malnutrition.
  • Diabetes.
  • High Fevers.

When the ridge reaches the end of a nail, the finger can become soar. This is from the misshaped nail pushing down.

Muehrcke’s Lines

     The medical name is Leukonychia Striata. They consist of changes in the nail and can be a underlying condition. These are white lines and not ridges, they run side to side in a half moon shape.

      This is a sign of depleted protein syntheses. Usually caused during periods of metabolic stress. The reasons this may occur can be;

Mees’ Lines

Also known as Leukonychia Striata. Is the purple and white bands of discoloration below the nail. They appear after a heavy metal posining with arsenic or thallium. They also appear in patients with renal failure, and have been seen in chemotherapy patients.


Is a fungal infection of the nail and accounts for half of the nail abnormalities. It is when the nail becomes brittle and dry.

Toenail ridges Need Care

After seeing a doctor and receiving a clean bill of health, you can care for the nails. File them smooth and then buff then to a gorgeous shine. I prefer to use an electronic nail care system. It is easier to use on the feet.

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