Techno Geek Design

Techno Geek Design

Techno Geek is a clean and modern design created for all technology enthusiasts. This design is black and white with the design changing depending on the color of the shirt. The bible says the meek shall inherit the world, However, a translation error could have taken us from the real message. That the geeks shall inherit the world.

I spent my early adulthood with my friends and partying and being wild while the geeks were studying. They achieved their degrees and started making much more then me. Today, I respect them and have become geeky myself.
See my Techno Geek shirts and other designs.

Techno Geek

The Techno Geek design is for the smart and technological advanced engineers, as well as the electronic gadget users and science fiction fans.

Show you are proud to be geeky and gain more confidence and strength from within. Being good with electrical gadgets, or designing and building them establishes you for the future in technology.

Everything from cars to refrigerators has entered the technology age. The computers today are made to handle fast gaming and digital design. Cameras have increased in memory and function and even the coffee maker has the ability to control the temperature and start times.

Revenge of the nerds has come full circle. Those that are smart are building the future technology, and everyone else needs and relies on them.

To me geek and nerd is no longer an insult. They have evolved into compliments that are fully understandable by all people, except for the intellectually challenged. I have went back to school and furthered my education. I am now Techno Geek and it is something I am proud of.

I have a nice line of products at Perfiggy’s “December 3RD”, I am especially proud of the Techno Geek Line of products.

See my Techno Geek shirts and other designs.

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