Taping Drywall 101-Beginners

Taping Drywall 101-Beginners

     Taping drywall is the first step in the finishing process. It is the most important step because this is the foundation for the rest. This taped joint closes the seam and prevents cracks.

     There are different types of seams that need to be taped. Each one of the seams is finished differently. This will cover the three types, and how they should be done. This takes practice to learn how to do well. It can be done by someone that is skilled with their hands.

     Flats are the seams that run the length of the Sheetrock. They have a beveled edge. This beveled edge is to allow the Spackle and tape to sit flush.

     When taping this type of joint you want to fill the valley from one sheet at the bevel to the other sheet at the bevel. Make the Spackle as smooth as possible, then run the tape down it centering it over the seam. As in all taping you will do, there can be no air pockets under the tape. This will cause it to bubble up when putting the next coat on.

    Now take your 6 inch Spackle knife and wipe down the joint centering the knife on the tape. Wipe it smooth and do not go over it more than a couple times. You will wipe too much Spackle out.

     Cross Flats are the seams at the ends of the Sheetrock. These seams do not have a bevel. When taping these cross flats you first make sure the paper in not sticking out. Then coat the cross flat with Spackle about 3 inches on each side of the seam. Keeping it smooth with no humps or openings. Center the tape over the seam, then wipe the tape one side at a time lengthwise. Keep the one of the knife on the tape while wiping. Do not over wipe and remove too much Spackle.

     Angles are the corners and they need to be taped as well. These are a slight bit harder and take practice. Wipe Spackle on each side of the corner lengthwise about 3 inches out. The goal is to have the Spackle from both sides touching without any holes or valleys. Fold the tape in half, there is a crease to help with this. Tuck it into the corner so that the fold is in the corner. Wipe each side wall to get it square and smooth.

     Taping drywall

     When taping drywall it is important to wipe everything smooth. This will cause problems with the finishing coats. It will create extra sanding and dust. Under the tape has to be completely filled with Spackle.

      Tools Needed

     The tools you will need for taping are simple. A 6 inch knife to wipe with. The 6 inch knife allows you flexibility to bend the knife. And a hawk to hold the Spackle. Some people use a Spackle pan. I feel they are harder to use.


When doing any Do it yourself projects it is essential to know what to do. research it and get a how to book if needed.

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