Ranger 2995dx Review

Ranger 2995dx Review

The Ranger 2995dx Review comes from my personal experience. It is a ten to twelve meter Ham radio that operates on AM/FM/SSB,CW, with an easy conversion so you ranger 2995dx reviewcan add eleven meters. It comes with a 2 pill amp putting out 200 to 220 watts after tuning. The new models that are sold now have an upgraded power supply, a rear cooling fan, and green numbers. There are several receiver upgrades that bring in the distant stations. The Astatic 600 meter is on top and is bought separately.


The Ranger has a sleek look and is all black with a  six digit frequency counter with green digits. The two panel meters are nicely sized, but I find the numbers a little small – it could just be my old eyes.

The controls run along the bottom and are easy to use.  The channel selector turns smooth and easy, maybe too easy because I hit it while adjusting an adjacent knob and changed the frequency unknowingly.

There are two rows of buttons to use the radio’s function which include changing the frequency digit, scanner buttons to set and scan frequencies, and the normal standing wave buttons.

The radio comes with a 150 watt amp and you can vary the power with the knob on the front panel. I rarely turn it past 9 o’clock unless there is a high noise level. I have no problem talking to the locals or shooting skip.


The updated receiver does it’s job well. It is designed for increased sensitivity and image rejections and a double FET balanced mixer for improved receiver intermodulation.

A microprocessor with typically found in higher priced radios and a repeater offset.


When I purchased the radio, there were only a few modifications I needed.

I had it tuned and aligned and now I am getting 200 – 220 watts safely.

I had a mod that stops the radio from over modulating when you turn the power up. This is convenient so I am not readjusting all the time.

I had a switch added in the back that turns the amp off.  With it off, it keys at two and swings to 45. The RF knob raises the key wattage up to the 45 watts. I did this in case I want to run some power with it. This is also helpful when talking local and I don’t need all that wattage.

Lastly, I had the 11 meter conversion.

My Ranger 2995dx Review

With the features this radio has and the modifications made, this radio gives me everything I need and sounds good doing it. It has exceeded all my expectations and I would happily buy another one.

To get the specifications or purchase this radio go to Ranger RCI-2995DXCF Base station 10 meter SSB/AM/FM/CW Built-In Cooling Fan Kit.

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