Paid Viewpoint – Another Way To Earn

Paid Viewpoint – Another Way To Earn

Paid Viewpoint is a new type of survey site. One that is easy to navigate and use.

The site has been accepted all over the world and has a good track record. I use it myself and just received a third payment.

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Paid Viewpoint

Is the face of an online research company. They gather information for companies without needless questions. The site is ran by Umongous inc. They have a good reputation themselves.                            

Site Set up

When I first viewed the site I thought it was simple and almost childlike. Everything is easy to find and navigate. The site works well and I have not had any problems using it.


When you receive a survey you know you are getting paid for it. You were already screened and approved. This happens by taking small traitscore surveys that pay around 10 cents each. When I say small I mean between 8 and 12 easy questions.


This is your personal demographics that qualifies you for  the surveys. They will be logged into your account and when you receive a survey you will be paid for it.

As your traitscore gets higher you will receive better paying surveys. The goal is to get a 9000 or higher, it goes up with every survey you take. Your demographics at sign up also raises it.

Bonus – Referrals

They offer a generous 20% referral rate that can add up quickly. The only catch to this is your referral needs to cash out for you to be paid. If you build 100 active friends you will become a community builder and no longer wait for them to cash out to earn your 20%.


The payout is 15.00 dollars. In the beginning I was only getting trait surveys to build my demographics. These do not pay more then 10 to 20 cents each. I was thinking this will be another waste of time survey site. Then I received a few surveys that were between 50 and 80 cents each. My highest was 2.75 and I am still surprised by that.

Upon reaching the 15.00 payout you will be asked to verify the phone number you gave them by texting a number. You will also be asked to verify your Paypal account. Be careful with this because your account will be frozen for a period of time if you have to make changes. These are safeguards to protect against fraud. It took maybe 4 minutes to do both and I was told I would receive the money in 72 hours. I had it in 24 hours.

Tips For The Site

Check the site daily. This site works best for those that can check it often. The higher paying surveys can be time sensitive.

Pay Attention to answers. They will ask you the same thing in different traitscores to see if you are paying attention.

Build Referrals. This is another way to earn on the site that can greatly increase your payouts.

My Opinion of Paid Viewpoint is highly acceptable. I use it myself.

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Paid Viewpoint

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