Longest Prison Sentence In America

The longest prison sentence given out depends on the crime. The degree of the crime, and the circumstance of the crime including the suspects criminal record. It will also differ from state to state.

longest prison sentenceI am going to talk about my state, New Jersey, and it will give you an idea of how it works. You will then know what to look up or ask about in your state.

Nature of the Crime

First you have the nature of the crime. Murder will get more time then manslaughter. Armed robbery will get more time then shoplifting. Some criminals will stick to certain crimes they are good at or carry less time if caught.

Degree of Crime

There are different degrees of the same crime depending on how serious it is. These are for felony crimes committed. This helps to determine the sentence that is given out.

  • 4th degree – can bring between 365 days to 18 months
  • 3rd degree – can bring 2 to 5 years
  • 2nd degree – can bring 5 to 10 years
  • 1st degree – can bring 10 or more years

The judge has discretion on sentencing on crime that are not mandatory or carry a minimum stipulation of time that has to be done. He also has a choice in sentencing to current or consecutive terms when more then one crime was committed.

Concurrent or Consecutive Sentences

These sentences come into play when more then one crime has been committed. The judge and prosecutor have the say in these and usually decide together.

Concurrent – is when you get 2 or more sentences running at the same time. So three sentences of 4 years each would still be only 4 years,

Consecutive – is when two or more sentences run one after another, So three 4 year sentences would be 12 years total. This is used if crimes are immoral or repetitive. When they warrant more time being given out.

Suspects Record

If a person commits an average crime like drug possession he will likely get probation the first time. If he is caught with drugs in his possession numerous times he will likely get prison time. A persons criminal record pays a significant part in the sentence he receives.

The Longest Prison Sentence

The longest prison sentence in America is 30,000 years for a man named Charles Scott Robinson, a pedophile and rapist who received 5,000 years for 6 individual charges.

The longest prison sentence ever was given to a man in Thailand for numerous counts of fraud. He received around 141,000 years total.

Unwritten Jail Rules

In jail like prison, there are the unwritten rules that really dictates what life is like. Knowing these when going to jail can be the difference between doing easy or hard time.

Want more information about living in jail? What Longest prison sentencethe day to day life of a prisoner consists of. Check out my Book about How To Go To Jail.

Life does not end if you make a mistake and end up incarcerated. Get through it and  go on with your life.

There is Hope

As long as you do not get the longest prison sentence just to make history. You will find a way to survive living in prison.

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