Homeowners DIY Guide to Electrical Wiring

Homeowners DIY Guide to Electrical Wiring

The homeowners DIY guide to electrical wiring review. It provides in depth and complete information. This is well written and illustrated.

Electricity is not something to mess with if you do not know what you are doing. Doing a service or working in the panel without knowledge can get you hurt or killed. The homeowners guide to electrical wiring explains it well. Other things like switches, plugs, fans, or lights are easy and safer to work on. This guide shows you how to do residential wiring while following the National Electrical Codes.

Homeowners DIY Guide to Electrical Wiring

The booklet is put together in a way that explains with text and images. It explains the electrical codes as you go. It teaches you how to find and use the necessary information in the code book.

The Homeowners DIY guide to electrical wiring also tells how to wire low voltage and fire alarms. It explains in detail how to wire for computer networks. It goes into fixing plasma and smart TV’s.

You will learn how electricity flows and travels the path of least resistance to better understand. It tells how a residential electrical system works.

My Review

Being a 12 year electrician that has an electronic back round with engineer experience I was able to get in depth with this. This guide is clear and explains things very well for someone with little to no experience.

I would never recommend anyone inexperienced to work on higher voltages but this guide explains how to do it. The smaller household or remodeling projects can easily be accomplished. This will prepare and guide you through them while meeting the electrical code requirements.

I even feel this would be a valuable resource for a laymen that has been out of the field awhile. They can brush up on the more technical codes and procedures.

You can also expand your skills into TV, networking, and alarms. The Homeowners DIY guide to electrical wiring can be beneficial to everyone from homeowner to layman.

Homeowners DIY Guide To Electrical Wiring

Homeowners DIY Guide To Electrical Wiring

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