Going To Jail – Unwritten Jail Rules

Going To Jail – Unwritten Jail Rules

     Going to jail or knowing someone that is can be a difficult situation. How to go to jail is a book that explains life in jail. It touches the most common aspects of the jail experience and prepares the individual for entry and life in jail.


     It tells about the life experiences in jail to help guide the first time prisoner through jail. It will help to make his or her stay safe and more comfortable.

     The steps of entry, living in, and   release are touched on, daily life and dealing with other prisoners is explained. I would have liked to see a little more detail, however, I understand it was written in this manner because the details change from jail to jail differ greatly. So the process was explained and the details will have to be learned at the particular jail. It explained the process well and gives ideas on the details that need to be learned.

Going To Jail

     Knowing how to not act in jail is explained. The unwritten rules are often learned the hard way. How to go to jail was written to be a guide through all of this and it does it’s job well.

    It goes a step further and tells about the feelings and emotions that will be experienced. Giving ways to help deal with them with tips about having them in the jail setting.

     Day to day living in jail is explained in ways that will benefit the prisoner by making life more comfortable. Being comfortable and surviving jail is the goal. Having a head start by knowing how to do it will make it much easier.

     The concept is to take the fear out of going to jail while explaining how to get through it. It will help the family and friends on the outside to understand what the prisoner goes through. Allowing them to be more supportive.

For more information about going to jail get How To Go To Jail.

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