Get Ripped in Thirty Days; By Julian Michaels

Get Ripped in Thirty Days; By Julian Michaels

If you are looking to get ripped in thirty days this is for you. This one
hundred and thirty six minute workout was designed to deliver the best results of your life. Get ripped in thirty days is a thirty day diet and exercise plan that works together for ultimate results.

Julian Michaels is a professional trainer on “The Biggest Loser”. She has developed many toning and weight loss programs. Each are well designed and produce desired results when the effort is expanded.

Get Ripped In Thirty Days

This program uses diet and exercise in synergy to produce results fast. The diet can be maintained as a lifestyle change to maintain the weight loss.  Many weight loss programs are similar with consistent diet and exercise. Where they differ may be in the type or duration of the exercise. Make the diet a lifestyle change and maintain the weight loss.

Each workout starts with stretching and then three circuits. Then a cool down and modifier for beginners. A mat and dumbbell is needed and can be replaced with a rug or blanket. The weight can be substituted with canned food or water, the inspired can use stretch bands.


My Review

This is not a one hundred and thirty minute workout. There are four levels with each increasing is intensity. Level one is a beginner level that pushes your limits. Level four takes a good level of strength and endurance.

There are new exercises along with previous ones that keep your muscles guessing and you interested. Movements were not repeated throughout the entire video.

The way Julian motivates you to push is unique. She is tough without any strong or degrading language. The meal plan works in synergy with the exercise and both can be maintained as a new lifestyle.

if you want to get ripped in thirty days, this will get you results according to the effort put into it.

Get ripped In Thirty Days

Get ripped In Thirty Days








        • Proven Results
        • 4 levels with modifier
        • Diet plan


        • mat, weight needed

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