Fingernails Have Ridges – Amope Pedi

Fingernails Have Ridges – Amope Pedi

     Fingernails have ridges. An electronic nail polishing system is the easiest way to remove them.  The Amope pedi is a new product designed to handle the job.

     There are three inserts for natural looking and shiny nails. They include a file, a buffer, and a shining pad. Ergonomically Designed to use on both hands and feet. A battery operated nail care system designed for easy at home use. Comes with one AA battery.

     Extra pad refills are sold separately. Two speeds for your convenience.  

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Fingernails Have Ridges

     Your nails grow with ridges because of the way the finger forms them. This is a natural body function. It does make your nails look less appealing.

     Nail care is an important part of any beauty routine. Filing and buffing can take time. A tool that can save you time and energy is valuable. When your fingernails have ridges they need to be cared for.

My Review

     The file was a little rough and worked best to file the tips after trimming. You still have to cut and trim by hand. The buffer pad worked well for smoothing the nails. They lloked good without polish.

     A clear polish at this time would complete the job. It saved considerable time and effort. I then polished my nails and let them harden, Then used the polishing pad to bring out a shine.

     My nails looked the best they have in a long time. You will still need a good nail clipper. A quality nail polish will add to the finished product.

     The two speed motor was a little noisy on high, battery life was also reduced. I have to add you need to get better batteries. The one that is included dies fast.

     The lower speed works best for filing. The fast speed handles buffing and polishing.


Amope Pedi

Amope Pedi

Ease Of Use






        Battery life



          • Quick Chane Pads
          • Comfort
          • 2 Speed Motor


          • Battery Life
          • Noise

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