Toenail Ridges Explained

Toenail Ridges Explained     Toenail ridges can be nothing to worry about. They can also be a sign of an infection or illness in the body. The vertical lines are usually part of the natural aging process. There is rarely, if at all, any disease that causes this. The nail grows at varying rates depending on age,... Read More »

Fingernails Have Ridges – Amope Pedi

Fingernails Have Ridges – Amope Pedi     Fingernails have ridges. An electronic nail polishing system is the easiest way to remove them.  The Amope pedi is a new product designed to handle the job.      There are three inserts for natural looking and shiny nails. They include a file, a buffer, and a shining pad. Ergonomically Designed to use on... Read More »

Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm

Maybelline Baby Lips Lip BalmMaybelline Baby Lips is one of the products from Maybelline, a family started business from 1915 that has come into the 21st century flawlessly.  It is now part of the L’Oreal family and together, their makeup is true and tried, from New York to Hollywood.   Don’t be fooled into thinking just because you can buy... Read More »

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