Philips QG3364, Norelco Series 5100

The Philips QG3364 Norelco Multi-groom Series 5100 is a complete beard and mustache grooming system. It has all the tools needed to look your best. The┬áLithium-ion battery stays charged for up to 60 minutes after just a 1 hour charge. This will make a great addition to the Oster Classic 76 to take care of... Read More »

Bakblade Bigmouth Back Shaver

With the bakblade bigmouth back shaver your back hair problems will be a thing of the past. Back hair has always been an issue for certain people. This do it yourself back hair shaver does not need shaving cream. It is also blade free with a t shaving edge. The edge is filled with teeth... Read More »

How To Cut Hair With Clippers

How To Cut Hair With ClippersAlthough cutting your hair on your own can save a lot of money and time, most people wonder how to cut hair with clippers. Well, using a clipper is not rocket science. And the amazing thing is, with a little practice, you can create amazing hairstyles at home and on your own. Of course it... Read More »

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