Bakblade Bigmouth Back Shaver

With the bakblade bigmouth back shaver your back hair problems will be a thing of the past. Back hair has always been an issue for certain people. This do it yourself back hair shaver does not need bakblade bigmouthshaving cream. It is also blade free with a t shaving edge. The edge is filled with teeth that cut the hair when it goes over.

The bakblade Bigmouth will remove hair anywhere you can’t reach with a regular razor. The curved handle helps to access tight areas. The head works more like a back scratcher. When dragged over the unwanted hair the teeth gently remove the hair without irritation.

Bakblade Bigmouth Design

  • A Unique Patent Pending Safety Blade to Reduce Risk of Cutting
  • An Ergonomic Design, Lightweight,
  • Over 4″ Wide Safety Blade
  • No Shaving Cream is Required
  • Gives a Smooth Sexy Look Versus a Clippers Trim
  • A Full Extendable Reach with a curved handle to reach the hardest areas

My Review

The curved handle made it easy to reach all areas of my back. It removed the hair with no pain or discomfort.

This is actually a very helpful tool for those suffering with back hair. From the metrosexual males to the hairy women, all can benefit. I am neither but like my body smooth in areas. I use a similar back washer to clean my back after shaving it. My back has never been in better condition.

Add this to your regular hygiene process of hair cuts and shaving to stay at your best. I would recommend this shaver to anyone that is concerned with back hair. It is not needed if you do not have a back hair problem.

I will add that I can see women using this to shave their legs. If they have flexibility or mobility issues this could be a great way to regain their independence.

Check out the Bakblade Bigmouth for yourself.

Bigmouth Back Hair Shaver

Bigmouth Back Hair Shaver

Ease of Use









          • Curved Handle,
          • Hanging Strap


          • Repeat Weekly

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