Andis t-outliner trimmer t-blade 04710

Andis t-outliner trimmer t-blade 04710

The Andis t-outliner trimmer t-blade 04710 is an excellent outliner for shaping lines after the haircut.

Andis has a eighty year history and is sold in over ninety countries worldwide.Their long history of quality tools is built into every clipper.

They deliver High quality line of barber tools to complete any shop.

View the Andis T-Outliner Trimmer with T-Blade, Gray (04710)

Andis t-outliner trimmer t-blade 04710

This T-blade trimmer was designed for the professional.It is easy to use making it great for home cuts as well. Some of the design features are;

  • Built with a close-cutting T-Blade
  • Perfect outlining and fading
  • Contoured housing with high-speed motor
  • Fine-cutting teeth offer close cutting
  • Powerful magnetic motor runs cool and quiet
  • Carbon-steel blades specially hardened for long cutting life
  • Ideal for dry shaving
  • A Heavy-duty 8-foot cord with hanger loop
  • The T-Blade is ideal for trimming necks, beards, mustaches, and edging around ears
  • Removes body Hair with ease

 My Review

I own several of the Andis t-outliner trimmer t-blade 04710 between work and home making this an easy review.

The trimmer cuts fast and well with a quiet motor. The smaller frame and contours make it easy to work with. There are small ridges to improve your grip.

The T-blade is designed for cutting around the ears and works great for the mustache and beard as well.

This trimmer is super for lining with it’s close cutting and comfortable shape, Caution is advised if you turn it over to cut with, the close cutting blades will pinch or cut the individual. This close cutting is another beneficial tool once you are familiar with it.

This is good for bodybuilders that remove body hair, it takes it off fast and close.

It works great for dry shaving. I use it every time I shave to knock the height down allowing my razor to cut closer.

It comes standard with an eight foot round cord and hanging hook. This delivers quick access and room to work.

The Andis t-outliner trimmer t-blade 04710  is a professional grade tool that is affordable enough to use at home. I highly recommend it.

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