Absecon Lighthouse Review

Absecon Lighthouse Review

The Absecon Lighthouse has a long and rich history in Atlantic City. If you are planning a trip to Atlantic City or are a lighthouse enthusiast this is a must see. Bring your walking shoes, for a small donation you can climb the 228 steps to the top of this lighthouse and relive the experience of the light keeper. The view is not bad either…

History of Absecon Lighthouse

The builders started working on this lighthouse in 1854. It is located at the north end of Atlantis City and stands 171 feet tall. It stood the tallest building until 1915 when the Traymore hotel took the title. The light was lit for the first time on January 15, 1857. The lighthouse was used to mark the coastline as well as the entrance to Absecon inlet. The lighthouse was closed in 1933. The light still burns every night but it no longer functions as an official navigational aid. The local fisherman still use it out of respect, convenience, or because it is part of history. GPS has taken it’s place in larger vessels.


The Absecon lighthouse is just one of many attractions to see in the area. Branch out of the city and see what Atlantic County has  to offer. Check out this travel booklet on What To Do In Atlantic City: Your Guide To An Atlantic City Vacation You could plan a week here, see three places a day, and still not see everything.

Absecon Lighthouse Grounds

In 2002 a recreation of the light keepers quarters was built and acts as a museum and gift shop. The original oil house that powered the light now houses a Fresnel lens exhibit. This is the type of lens used in the lighthouse, The lighthouse still has the original lens in place, it weighs in at 12,800 lbs. Beautiful green grass surrounds the buildings and is enclosed by a black fence.

The Absecon lighthouse is listed in the New Jersey register of historic places, the National register of historic places, and the historic American Buildings Survey.

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