May 2016 - Clipper Reviews

Historic Smithville Park

Historic Smithville ParkHistoric Smithville Park started over 60 years ago as a one room stage coach stop. Today it has grown to a small community of 60 shops with much to see. It has an old fashioned award winning inn that hosts over 25 weddings a year. It has four restaurants to chose from, and a bed... Read More »

Absecon Lighthouse Review

Absecon Lighthouse ReviewThe Absecon Lighthouse has a long and rich history in Atlantic City. If you are planning a trip to Atlantic City or are a lighthouse enthusiast this is a must see. Bring your walking shoes, for a small donation you can climb the 228 steps to the top of this lighthouse and relive the experience... Read More »

Longest Prison Sentence In America

The longest prison sentence given out depends on the crime. The degree of the crime, and the circumstance of the crime including the suspects criminal record. It will also differ from state to state. I am going to talk about my state, New Jersey, and it will give you an idea of how it works.... Read More »